2023 EEE-AM

1st Asia Meeting

on Environment and Electrical Engineering

Towards energy transition...


From 13TH to 15TH November 2023


Regular Papers

May 1st 2023 • FULL PAPER Preliminary Submission Open

August 31st 2023 • FULL PAPER Preliminary Submission Close

September 15th 2023 • FULL PAPER Acceptance Notification

October 31st 2023 • FINAL FULL PAPER Submission

Special Sessions

April 15th 2023 • SPECIAL SESSION Proposal

May 31st 2023 • SPECIAL SESSION Acceptance Notification


Preliminary Submission Close


A_ Renewable EnergySources and Storages

01. Solar energy
02. Photovoltaic cell technology
03. Hydro and wind energy
04. Biomass and biofuels
05. Energy management and storage
06. High-performance cogeneration

B_ Power Systems
and Smart Grids

01. Advanced solutions for energy transition
02. Microgrid modeling, simulation and data managment
03. Design, control and management
04. Power system and smart grid
05. Flexibility
06. RAM (reliability, availability, maintainability)
07. Digital Twin
08. ICT for power systems, interoperability, cybersecurity
09. Distributed control
10. Power quality

C_ Energy System

01. Renewable energy, wind, solar, fuel cells and distribuited generation within microgrids
02. Hydrogen
03. Nuclear energy for transition
04. Demand side management, load forecasting
05. Energy efficiency, conservations and savings
06. Smart metering systems
07. Supervisory control and data acquisition systems SCADA
08. User aggregation and virtual power plant

D_ Smart

01. Smart homes, cities, communities
02. Innovative distribution system
03. Home and building automation
04. Nearly zero energy buildings
05. Information, security and privacy
06. Lighting systems and components
07. Flexibility

E_ Circuits, sensors
and actuators

01. Circuits and systems theory and application
02. EMC application
03. Nonlinear systems
04. Signal processing and identification
05. Sensors and actuators for energy conservation
06. Smart circuits
07. Systems modelling

F_ Materials and NanoTechnology

01. Materials for energy
02. Novel materials for energy harvesting
03. Nanotechnology for renewable energy
04. Applications of NEMS, MEMS for energy

G_ Power eliectronic and environment

01. Power electronics and components
03. Electrical generators
04. Converters for microgrids
05. Converters for renewable energies
06. Converters for storage
07. Power quality and harmonics
08. Water Dessalination

H_ Regulation and electricity markets

01. Utility deregulation
02. Regulatory issues and delivery standards
03. Dispatching in power systems
04. Generation and transmission expansion
05. Dispstribuited generation and distribution system

I_ Mobility

01. Sustainable transport systems
02. Electrical vehicles
03. Automotive

J_ Maintenance, operation and safety

01. Designing for Safety
02. Grounding
03. Lightning
04. Hazard – Electric shock, arc flash, fire and explosion
05. Maintenance and operation of electric power systems
06. On line real time equipment diagnostic
07. Work practices and procedures
08. Electrical safety training

K_ Measurements, Control and Optimization

01. Environmental and electrical measurements
02. Advanced instrumentation and data acquisition systems
03. Intelligent distributed systems and remote control
04. Signal and image processing
05. Optimisation

L_ Policy, Education and Standards

01. Policy
02. Energy regulation
03. Training and education
04. Standards